At HERNANDEZ CASTILLO ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW we assist you with the notarial function (role) in such matters as:

  1. Drawing up Contracts and Agreements for grounding corporate or estate strategies that require the authenticity of attested documents, a Notary Public being the only legal authority to confer said authenticity.
  2. Offering guidance on real estate matters, and process the corresponding paperwork or formalities to obtain authorizations for combining or joining parcels of land, dividing parcels of land, measure rectification, setting up real estate property under condominium regimes, subdivisions, and real estate developments overall, subsequently sending them on to the Notary office for registry and formal recording in notarial records.
  3. Effecting all the necessary paperwork or formalities with municipal, state and federal agencies that are necessary in order to draw up notarial acts (instruments) or register same in the Public Registry of Property.
  4. Following up on registrations in the Public Registry of Property and the Public Registry of Commerce.
  5. Effecting a change of owner at the state or municipal land registry offices.