At HERNANDEZ CASTILLO ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW we will advise and counsel you on the recruiting and hiring of collaborators (co-workers or colleagues) for your company, as well as the correct implementation of labor (work-related) obligations, depending on the internal organization and the activity pursued.

Our labor planning advisory services includes the following:

  1. Legal advisory services with regard to working conditions applicable to your company’s line of business.
  2. Individual Employment Contracts or Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  3. Employment Contract either for a given time period or an indefinite time period.
  4. Drafting of Internal Regulations.
  5. Attendance Lists.
  6. Administrative Records (written warnings regarding the employee's workplace performance).
  7. Calculation of severance pay and termination payments/compensation.
  8. Termination of employees pursuant to the Law.
  9. Joint Committee integration records.
  10. Social Welfare plans.
  11. Comprise employee records pursuant to Law.
  12. Setting up corporations for outsourcing services.

We also conduct labor audits of your business to corroborate that employers are duly complying with their obligations within the company.