At HERNANDEZ CASTILLO ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW we offer real estate legal advisory services with particular attention to the value, planning and strategic location factors that allow your investments to generate a safe return on capital employed.

In order to deliver on the foregoing, we advise and counsel you on the ideal legal form for your investment in real estate projects or retirement property.

Our services include:

  1. Review of any and all abstracts of title.
  2. Verification of cadastral background (public records).
  3. Tax Debts.
  4. Land Use.
  5. Agricultural Regime/System.
  6. Foreign Investment.
  7. Real Estate Contracts.
  8. Collateral.
  9. Opinion on environmental matters (density, building restrictions, etc.).
  10. Location of real property.
  11. Verification of real property.
  12. Topographic surveys.
  13. Measure rectification.
  14. Correction of registration errors.
  15. Updating of Cadastral Certificates and Plats (cadastral plans).
  16. Formal offer for sale or purchase, as the case may be.
  17. Promissory Purchase-Sale Agreements (or Preliminary Sales/Purchase Agreements).
  18. Escrow Agreements.
  19. Commercial Agency Agreements.
  20. Negotiations with sellers in order to establish location and form of payment.
  21. Dividing parcels of land.
  22. Combining or joining parcels of land.
  23. Measure rectification.
  24. Real Estate Property under Condominium Regime
  25. Subdivisions.
  26. Environmental impact studies.
  27. Drafting, negotiation and execution of the necessary contracts for disposal/sale or otherwise transfer of (conveyance of title), acquisition, use or temporary enjoyment, and administration of real estate.
  28. Set-up or Pay-off of Mortgages; or Set-up or Cancellation of Usufructs (the right of use and enjoyment).
  29. Payment in kind (i.e., payment in lieu of that accorded).
  30. Setting up Fideicomisos (Trusts):
  • Administration Trusts.
  • Trust Transferring Ownership.
  • Irrevocable Trusts Transferring Ownership.
  • Guarantee Trusts.