With care and skill, we at HERNANDEZ CASTILLO ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW put legal tools (instruments) in place based on the existing tax, labor and corporate implications in order to make your company more market-competitive, such as:

  1. Defining the type of business entity and organizational structure to implement based on the tax, labor and corporate implications that exist and depending on the type of business entity to be carried out;
  2. Developing a business or investment as an individual;
  3. Drafting of agreements between shareholders, which define the present and future relationship of the partners with the company, and with each other;
  4. Establishing the business entity, issuing stock or partnership shares, and opening corporate books;
  5. Corporate Legal Auditing;
  6. Drafting of the Minutes of Regular General and Extraordinary General Assemblies of Shareholders, General Meetings of Members, and Board of Director Sessions that are required for proper operation of the company;
  7. The corresponding paperwork or formalities with the National Registry of Foreign Investment and the National Commission of Foreign Investment;
  8. Drafting of General or Special Powers of Attorney so that they can be granted and executed in Mexico or abroad; and
  9. Preparation and drafting of Contracts and Agreements such as:
  • Distribution Agreement.
  • Procurement Contract.
  • Commercial Agency Agreements.
  • Franchise Agreements.
  • Exclusive and Non-Compete Agreements.
  • Loan Agreements and Mutuum (loans for consumption), which can be Mortgage-Secured, with Collateral Security, Interest-Bearing or Non-Interest Bearing.
  • Agreements for Opening a Clean/Simple Credit Line or Checking-Account Credit (Overdraft).
  • Deposit Agreement.
  • Commodatum Agreements.
  • Lease Agreements.
  • Settlement or Transactional Agreements.
  • Financial Lease Contract.
  • Amendment Agreements.
  • Compensation Agreements (or Offset Agreements).
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Compete Agreements.
  • Debt Assignment.
  • Mandates.
  • Agent Commissions and Real Estate Mediation Services.
  • Agency Contracts.
  • Contract for Services Rendered.
  • Pledge Agreement and inscription thereof in the Sole Registry for Secured Movable Assets (Registro Único de Garantías Mobiliarias or RUG in Spanish).
  • Fideicomisos (Trusts).