• Acquisition of Real Property

    The Political Constitution of the United States of Mexico and the Foreign Investment Law regulate the status of foreign nationals in the Mexican...
  • Mexico Immigration Law

    On May 25, 2011, a revised Mexico Immigration Law (Ley de Migracion, or LM in Spanish) was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (...
  • Trust vs. Corporation

      TRUST MEXICAN CORPORATION A Mexican (Real Estate Property) ...

  • Corporate and Business Legal Advisory Services

    With care and skill, we use put legal tools (instruments) in place, based on the existing tax, labor and corporate implications, in order to make your company more market-competitive.

  • Immigration Services

    We offer advisory services to a foreign national in order that he/she may obtain the status that allows staying in Mexico subject to the activity he/she intends to pursue. 

  • Real Estate Legal Advisory Services

    We offer you legal advisory services with particular attention to the value, planning and strategic location factors that allow your investments to generate a safe return on capital employed.

  • Labor Planning

    We will advise and counsel you on the recruiting and hiring of workers as well as the correct implementation of labor (work-related) obligations, depending on the internal organization and the activity pursued.

  • Estate Planning

    We help you in deciding the appropriate instruments for protecting your estate, today and in the future.

  • Intellectual Property

    We propose options for protecting the intangible assets of your company, such as the recording of trademarks, franchise development, and copyright protection.

  • Litigation

    We provide first-rate legal support to back you up in the event your issue must be settled in court.

  • Notarial Advisory Services

    We assist you with the notarial function (role) necessary for your investment or business.